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Introduction To My Technology Pages

Hi and welcome to my technology web. I am building it up bit by bit but my overall intention is to include as many items of technology interest as possible.

These topics include,

Software Defined radio (SDR) Technology - Transmitter and Receiver Architectures and Design Issues

Radio Amateur Projects - 80 Meter QRP Transceiver - 20 Watt PEP RFPA - Microwave Communications

Radio Communication Theory - Analogue and Digital Modulation Formats (IQ Signal Representation, AM, DSB, SSB, FM, M-PSK, M-QAM, OFDM, BER, SER, SNR, Noise Figure, Intermodulation, Phase Noise)

Direct Conversion - Direct RF digitization (Software defined radios, Analog IQ, Modulation Format Independent Transmit and Receiver IQ error correction algorithms - "BBIQEE" examples)

Electronic Design Theory - Amplifiers, Filters, Frequency Conversion, Analogue to Digital Conversion (Mixed Signal Processing), Switch Mode Power Supplies, Digital Signal Processing (Filters, Sigma-Delta, Bit Resolution Conversion)

Applications For Optical Communications (20 GB/s serializers and deserializers, 2 GHz 10 bit+ ADC and DAC interfaces, full UHF Spectrum Conveyance over optical fiber for ad-hoc communications deployment)

Neural Networks (Architecture, Competitive versus Consensus Training, Examples)

Simulation and Analysis Tools - Using MATHCAD software with examples, Using Microcap circuit simulation software

Unusual Mathematics (New Binary Operators Up and Down, New "Quotional" Calculus, Inventions of New Numbers)

Conjecturals - Musing about the universe, wonder, fascination and thought (Inventing Mathematics, Levitation, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, SETI, Optical SETI, Paranormal)

Some experimental attempts at writing science fiction - in progress


I am still writing these articles so this web site is, and will always be, incomplete.

Latest Quick Links

Here are some of my latest articles of technical interest

Here Are My Latest Conjecturals - My Web writings devoted to wonder, fascination and thought

How To Discover New And Interesting Numbers In The Privacy Of Your Home Inventing Numbers

  How To Make A SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) Receiver At Home SETI Rx

How To Make An Impulse Levitation and Propulsion Engine at Home Impulse Engine


Here Are My Latest Articles Showing (Free) MicroCap Electronic Circuit Simulation Software at Work

MicroCap circuit simulation - How to generate transistor model parameters from published data NPN_model

MicroCap circuit simulation - How to simulate a RF VCO for oscillation frequency, output power, harmonic energy and phase noise Øn VCO

MicroCap circuit simulation - How to simulate a linear class AB RF Power Amplifier for RF Power Gain, Impedance and 2- Tone 3rd , 5th and higher order Intermodulation performance using a low cost D44H11 power transistor at 3.7 MHz   RF PA


Here Are My Recent Articles On Artificial Intelligence - With MATHCAD Demonstration Files Showing Neural Network Training

Neural Network Structure - Shows multiple layer Neural Network (NN) with some MathCAD Simulation files NN Structure

(I will pursue this concept in due course and eventually want to describe a family of NN primitives that are dedicated for specific functions (i.e. like simple logic gate primitives). I also want to add feedback into the NN architecture so that its (analogous to) Finite Impulse Response Non Linear "NL-FIR" realization becomes a (probably far more interesting)  Infinite Impulse Response Non Linear "NL-IIR" realization - i.e. with infinite embedded data memory resulting from discrete time domain sampled feedback from the NN primitive output result to NN primitive acquired input). 


I Show Various System Approaches To Radio Communication In These Recent Articles, With A Strong Emphasis On Direct Conversion Technology

Analog IQ Transmitters - Shows how to estimate DC offset, gain imbalance and phase skew errors with a simple diode detector Tx IQ Correction

Software Defined Radio - Direct RF Signal Acquisition (DRFSA) Receivers  SDR DRFSA Rx


Coming soon to a web site near you!

Modeling The Speed Of Gravity On MATHCAD

Abstract: Work in progress. Conventional approaches to "gravity" assume instantaneous force communication between one mass body and another mass body. This must be an oversight as gravity has a finite time to act. It, like radio waves, light rays, x-rays etc it is limited to a finite and constant speed equal to "the speed of light" ~ 3 · 108 m /s .    

I plan to simulate the effect of the associated time delay of gravitational forces in a two-mass body arrangement. This will be posted soon!

And there has got to be some gravitational wave energy around here anyway.

Can we make a "sub æther" radio communicator? Can we transmit a probability modulated signal? Does gravity have a real and an imaginary component just like light, and like light, we only see the overall magnitude? How could we construct a gravity wave detector out of discarded black & white TV tubes and a 2N3055 based 18 kV High Voltage generator?

It seems the questions build for ever on the answers that went before.


Some Personal Background (Technical)

I am using Microsoft FrontPage to generate the pages but my focus is more on content rather than format presentation so please forgive my lack of talent in web design! (I am happy to hear any suggestion on improvements though :)

I have spent many years in radio product development R&D and I am very interested in new ideas applied to practical problems. Digital signal processing is a key technology and its application to radio and optical communication blurs the definition between Analogue and Digital design approaches. This even applies to printed circuit board (PCB) layout - whereas previous design wisdom has been to treat Analogue and Digital ground strategy as separate areas, a more modern approach is to consider all PCB layout from a Radio Frequency (RF) perspective. This is essential for effective Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) management and applies equally to switch-mode power supply design as well as RF. 


Other Personal Background

I like anything relating to science and technology. I also like writing technical and non technical documents. I have made many submissions to Government agencies over the years for funding R&D projects and these have been very successful

Typical funding instruments include GIRD in Australia, NERF etc in NZ, up to $M1.5 over 3 years typical. Other Government funding includes projects for university students over their summer break (12 to 13 weeks), for which the Government pays half their incomes.

The requirements for R&D funding for development projects usually requires the following key ambitions,

The project should address new technology approaches rather than repeating old ideas

The project should "stretch" the individuals and organization to result in the growth of "human capitol"

The outcomes should pave a path for eventual commercial exploitation of the technology (i.e. not immediate!)

Products (and services) that might result should have export potential.

Given existing commercial commitments, these projects may not be feasible without support from Government finances.

Submission for Government grants may require several pages for small projects or 30 pages for larger financial requests. I have had considerable experience in these processes and have always found that Governments are delighted to provide funding on worthwhile projects. Given that we live in an age of technology, there is no shortage of potential R&D initiatives, as well as initiatives in Education.

One down side, I guess to this, is that our younger generation tends to get "technology on a plate" and become technology users rather than technology creators. This is partly due to the scope of technology and the development expense required to generate new products. Large companies may need to spend $M25 just to develop a new radio communication product family based on conventional applications, or much more if new applications are envisaged. The days of the "lone experimenter" may been to have reached their sunset years but this is not really the case. In fact, we have just lost the impetus to imagine outside the box (ever notice how today's science fiction is so close to today's reality whilst older science fiction really pushed the boundaries of credibility?).

The solution is to provide assistance to our young people so that they are prepared to make the future. We have many challenges seeking creative inputs from talented people such as you,

Energy Conservation, Green-house warming, Climate Modeling, Recycling.

Brain-Machine Interfacing - Repair lost cognitive functions caused by head injury, cognitive enhancement, creating new senses.

Artificial Intelligence - Neural network design, Neural components (like digital components) as sub systems, Self Awareness, Artificial Self Actualization.

Space Travel - Colonies on planets and in space, Non Reaction based propulsion (I will explain one way to do this based on a mechanical analogy later), Protection From micro-meteorites.

Asteroid Collision Detection and Deference.

Search For Extraterrestrial Life - RF and Optical approaches, Direct Visitation, Emulated Evolution from Chemical S/W Modeling

Designing Biological Systems from Scratch - Purpose built entities (not for food!).

We also have many social issues to resolve. Although the past always seems rosier than the present this is often illusionary. I believe that humanity has made great progress, perhaps despite itself or because of itself.


Offer To Assist Electronic Design Enthusiasts

I like to have plenty of time on my hands and I am always interested in people's technical projects (amateur electronic enthusiasts or professional designers). I am happy to provide advice and suggestions on these. For example, you may be a high school or university student looking for science project ideas. I quite like mathematics and analysis and can provide some assistance with performance prediction. I can also recommend suitable components and circuit or system configurations based on your requirements. I can send these in PDF format over the Internet (Possibly our greatest collective invention to date).

This is a free offer of course. I respect confidentiality (I am happy to sign NDA's if required for professional projects) and any resulting designs or documentation belongs to you.


Contact Details

Please send any comments or questions to my email address at ian.scott@xtra.co.nz


Here Are My Technology Pages Of Interest (so far)

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